Le projet tutu!

Cet homme a créé le projet tutu pour soulager et faire rire sa femme pendant ses traitements.  Du fait, il a été des milliers de gens a retrouver le sourire.  :-)

Mon bout préféré est celui où il saute dans la rue!  Trop drôle!!! :-D

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  1. Asih dit :

    I’m with you. There have been multiple miissons proposed, and then canceled at some stage or other during planning. One of the more recently proposed miissons called for bleeding edge technology, and thus was deemed too expensive to pursue.This craft was to be a huge nuclear reactor powered, electric ion engine driven probe which possessed enough horsepower to enter and leave orbit around all of the Galilean satellites at will. It would then direct powerful radar at Europa to determine if a liquid ocean exists beneath the ice, and if so: Where? How thick? Is it global or just a few pockets?Based on the findings of this mission, another mission would be designed to go melt or drill its way though the ice and explore any sub-surface ocean discovered.I’m hopping mad that they haven’t gotten something over there to investigate. The Galileo mission offered tantalizing evidence that it’s very possible for a sub surface ocean, and all we’ve been able to do is shake the proverbial present, and guess whether it’s a new toy or just a ball of socks. I want it to be Christmas!!The main concern I have with Europa as a potential extraterrestrial habitat for life is its position in Jupiter’s radiation belt. It’s not smack dab in the middle, but it definitely skirts the edge close enough to make life there require adaptation to radiation.

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